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Kuzin Bruce Flutes

Flutes in the Woods, Colorado (CANCELLED)

Flutes in the Woods, Colorado (CANCELLED)
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 Due to a very untimely move of residence
and shop we had to cancel this event this year.....


Miss Shenna and I have secured Red Rocks Group Campground in Pikes Peak National Forest, about 4 miles north of Woodland Park, Colorado from 2:00 Friday until 9:00am Monday, August 13-16, 2010. We would like to invite all who would like to spend a weekend of camping, flutes, drums and play to come join us!

This site does have a few amenities such as toilets, potable water,picnic tables and a beautiful fire pit to sit around.
 There is no electric here though we will have onhand a small Honda generator.
 We will add much more info in the days to come.
E-Mail me at for more info in the meantime.
 For any who would like to participate but aren't up to "roughing it" we will supply some info on rooms in town, a short 4 mile drive.

We aren't leaning towards any structured activities some that come to mind are:
 At least a couple of camp feeds.
Round Robin flute trade blanket.
Some open mike time (will have a small amp)
Evenings around the camp fire. Flutes, and all "noise toys" are encouraged.
Though no formal vending (it is a federal campground:>) any who have flutes they would want to sell or trade are welcome to use a picnic table or spread out a blanket. Could be a good time to "thin the herd" and move along those flutes that aren't getting much use.
 Open to all suggestions, this gathering is for all.

Incredible Red Rock formation in the woods, just a short walk from the camp!

More to come, including some pictures.....